Getting things done
Getting Things Done (abbreviated GTD) is my favourite action management method. It was created by David Allen, and is described in a book of the same name. Both "Getting Things Done" and "GTD" are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.

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  • Capture anything and everything that has your attention ("stuff"), yes everything
  • If it isn't something you can and want to take action on, then trash or file it 
  • Write down what the desired, final outcome is (goal)
  • Write down a single, specific next action that will get you a small step towards the goal
  • Set up reminders in a way that you trust completely
  • Organize next actions based on when and where you can perform them
  • Perform regular reviews of this system

GTD workflow

GTD alleviates the feeling of overwhelm. With a complete and current inventory of all your commitments, organized and reviewed in a systematic way, with reminders you trust, you can focus clearly, and make choices about what to do (and not do) at any moment.


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I recommend that you read this article at "43 folders":

Once you are familiar with GTD, this one about applying LEAN principles to GTD may help:

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The GTD book

Available in several translations. More...