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About me

I have a background in computer science (M.Sc. C.S.), and got involved in the use and development of industrial control systems early on. While working on the technical aspects of computer graphics, I became involved in user interface design and usability. This was in the early 1990-ies, before the term User eXperience was coined, so I became an early pioneer in this area. I now have more than 15 years experience of setting up usability work in companies like ABB, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, and Anoto.

I have been in various leading roles such as senior specialist, teamleader, project manager, and line manager.

I'm passionate about innovations, and want to help out in the development of new ideas. A few years ago I decided to get more involved by switching focus from user interfaces to product development in general. I also decided to revive my skills in industrial control systems.

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What I do

JOIN Business & Technology I'm a partner and share holder at JOIN Business & Technology.

Things I recommend

TRIZ, the russian invention method that solves contradicting requirements.

GTD, finally a personal organisation method that really works!

Tim Ferris' book, "The 4-hour workweek"

Effect Management and Effect Mapping, methods developed by InUse.

Kano analysis, a smart way to do user research.

This article about how to get started with User eXperience in a traditional organization. It matches almost word for word my own experience and recommendations.



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